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BerinMade is a multi-award winning stationery design studio headquartered in London, United Kingdom, but serves clients worldwide. 

Founded on a relentless love of colour, print and patterns, our designs are inspired by fashion and textiles, trends and history, and an uncontainable sense of wanderlust. As stubborn paper-perfectionists, our philosophy for every product is rooted in our love of the material and a desire to push the boundaries of design. Whether a folded greeting card, a custom wedding invitation, or a hand-crafted stamp, we believe that these objects hold potent memories of experiences and events to be passed on and cherished through the generations. We are so incredibly proud to be crafters of these mementoes. 


Services Available

Custom Wedding & Events Stationery
Design & Illustration Commissions
Greeting Card & Lifestyle Stationery
DIY Projects




Erin Hung

Creative Director

Colour, print and pattern are the things that set my heart on fire! Though I'm in charge of all creative aspects of the company, my key role is dreaming big dreams for it.


I believe: Beauty can save the world

Favourite colour: Don't make me choose!

Most likely found: Tempting Lana with Chipotle

Ben Hung

Operations & Business Director

Marketing, Spreadsheets, Numbers, Accounts, Tea & Coffee, Spotify Playlist and managing my dreamy wife and our awesome team! 


I believe: Sneezing loudly makes it better

Favourite colour: Grey on black

Most likely found: in Uniqlo buying everything

Lana Louw

Weddings Manager

Deep down I have a burning desire to always keep on creating. It brings me such joy to be a part of our clients' ideas and dreams and to see it all come together!


I believe: Impossible is just an opinion

Favourite colour: The shades of a sunset over a field

Most likely found: in Richmond Park breathing in the fresh air

Paperworks Team

Quality control and fulfilment

 Our awesome warehouse team in Leeds supports our day-to-day fulfilment operations, inspecting all our incoming products to ensure the highest quality in both our print finishing and packaging.

Our team is headed by social enterprise Paperworks, who provide training and equipment for physically and mentally-disadvantaged individuals.

 Our team believes in giving thanks, in remembering where we came from, and the people who have helped us get to where we are today. We are thankful and honoured to have received so much support, encouragement and kind words during our journey.

We thank our friends and family for their continual support and love. We are also thankful to all the wonderful, and wonderfully talented, people we have met in the wedding and design industry including photographers, stylists, calligraphers, bakers, planners, editors, agents, florists.

Lastly, we give our thanks to Jesus and to our Creator and loving Father for giving us so much cause for celebration, for unspeakable joy, and teaching us how to throw a real good party!

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