At BerinMade, current designs and wedding trends are not the only places we draw inspiration from. We actively delve into the world of art, design, fashion and architecture. This means that our designs not only holds the timelessness of hand-lettered types and original illustrations but also embodies fresh and modern trends. It is no surprise that our aesthetics attracts brides who are modern, design-savvy, and true paper enthusiasts.


We always know the origin of our paper to ensure that we are socially and environmentally responsible, and that you, in turn, would be too. Our two favorite canvases are the Tintoretto Gesso and the Recycled Uncoated. Tintoretto Gesso is a subtly luxurious, richly textured Italian stock paper. It comes in 120gsm, 250gsm, and can be duplexed to 500gsm upwards. The Recycled Uncoated produced in the UK is a beautiful recycled stock which gorgeously retains colour. Available in 135gsm, 350gsm and can be duplexed up to 700gsm.


As a team of perfectionists, we take it upon ourselves to ensure that the finished products are carried out to perfection, not just in our design studio but also during the production stage. Our partners are are reputable for their integrity and punctual services. When the designs leave the studio, you can be ensured that they will be taken care of by the best possible professionals.

We only choose professionals who use state of the art equipment. When a hand finishing process is needed, we rely on artisans who have the right level of technical skill. This ensure that the finished pieces are what they intended to be.



 Wedding FAQ

How do I place an order?

Please fill out the enquiry form! We will then email you with a proposal. If you are happy with the proposal, we will send you an invoice through email which you can pay by Credit Card or Bank Transfer. 


Do you take payment in instalments?

We take payment in two instalments if your order is over £500. 


What is the turnaround time for an order?

You will receive your first proof within 5 working days. Each further proof will be turned around within 5 working days. After you have signed off on your final proof, we will print and dispatch your items within 7 working days. All orders are sent by first class post or a fully trackable courier depending on which option you choose.The average project will take 3 to 4 weeks.


Will you work with me if I live overseas?

Yes of course! Whilst we have offices in London and Hong Kong, we often accept international orders for our stationery. We are excited to work with international clients through email and Skype and have found it to be very effective. In terms of shipping, you will have the option of basic shipping or tracked and expedited shipping.


Do you offer samples?

Samples are available to buy for our Ready to Go and Semi Custom collections. You are able to hold and feel the card stock in your hands and to see the quality of our printing. You can do so here. 


Will I receive a proof before my items are sent to print?

Yes! You will receive a number of proofs before your invitations are finalised for print. The number of proofs depends on the service you have chosen:

  1. One proof with two subsequent rounds of revisions for Ready-to-go
  2. One proof and three subsequent rounds of revisions for Semi-Custom
  3. One proof and five subsequent round of revisions for Custom

Can I make changes to a Ready-To-Go design?

We can change the background and the text colours for free. We can also make small changes to the layout of the design; as well as changing the colours of any florals or illustrations. However, we may have to charge a design fee if the changes are more complex.


Are envelopes included in the pricing?

Cream and White Envelopes are included in the price. For custom envelope colours, there is a £15 surcharge.


Can I choose the wording of the invitations and enclosures?

You can choose the wording for all of your items. Moreover, we design your Semi-Custom and Custom suites based on the wording you provide. However, in the Ready-to-go pack, if the design has a phrase that is hand-lettered, the phrase must remain.


For the semi-custom and custom service, can I have our full names and our parents' names hand lettered as well?

We can hand letter your full names and/or your parents’ names. A small design fee will be applicable.


Can my guests’ names be written or typed onto the invitations?

We can add a line to the wording so that you can write in your guests’ names, free of charge. We can also have your guests’ names typeset onto each invitation for a fee of £75.


Can I print names and addresses on the envelopes?

We can print these for you if required. However, a production fee will be applicable.


Can I have the text in silver, gold or other metallic colours?

We cannot print digitally in metallic colours. However, we can arrange for the text to be foiled in these colours. A production fee will be applicable.


I like your Semi-Custom service, but a Ready-to-Go pattern. Can I combine the two?

Absolutely! Our Semi-Custom service is fluid and flexible. We can also make something just for you from scratch. Our custom design pricing range between £250-£800 in addition to the Semi-Custom printing prices. We only take on a limited number of custom projects, so please get in touch as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!


Can I order matching items that are not available on the enquiry form?

We can design matching items that are currently not available on our website (e.g. Cocktail Menus, Direction Signs, etc)

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